As Big As We Need To Be…

November 9, 2006


From a smoking hot trio, to a full-blown Big Band experience, The Littlest Jazz Orchestra grows and shrinks with the needs of your special event.

Jazz Duo
Sometimes the simplest things are the best.  Pianist Waylen Miki and vocalist Serafin share an intimate evening of Torch, Jazz and Blues standards.  Pricing geared towards number of songs/sets required.

Cocktail Jazz
Our most economical musical package, with Waylen Miki on piano, Juno Award Winner Richard Underhill on sax and Serafin providing the vocals as they blaze  through a variety of Jazz standards, Blues and Torch classics.   Pricing reflects the number of sets required, making even a modest event surprisingly affordable.

Party Jazz
Roll out the bandwagon for your delighted guests as core members Waylen Miki, Richard Underhill and Serafin welcome an upright bass player and Great Bob Scott on drums for full jazz band sound.

Hatching, Matching or Dispatching Jazz
As far removed from Adam Sandler’s Wedding Singer as you can imagine.  Juno Award winning guitarist Tony Quarrington  and Grammy nominated trumpeter Kevin Clark join the crew for a beefed up, horn-driven Jazz sound.  The inimitable Roger Clown, singer, whistler and comic poet is also available for MC duties, and we’re in good hands — he’s performed for the Queen!  Yes, THAT Queen!

The Biggest Little Jazz Package
You get the full on, Big Band Experience.   Serafin welcomes French Chanteuse Lyne Tremblay (Cats, Cabaret), Jazz Diva Julie Michels and Swing Gal Alex Pangman for a full-course variety concert of Torch, Jazz, blues, R&B and Swing.  A Trombonist fills out the horn section for this electrifying ensemble of 10 band members.
The Littlest Jazz Orchestra will bring true musicality to your event, large or small, and share the infectious joy they have in performing these classic standards with an audience of 1000 or 1.  There are numerous pricing models available for any budget, and each package can be tailored to your specific needs. Contact us at: , or via

 We’d love to join you.


2 Responses to “As Big As We Need To Be…”

  1. fun facts Says:

    Got a little bit confused while reading :S

  2. Waylen Miki, since having moved from Vancouver four years ago has been working in the Toronto jazz scene with the Royal Jelly Orchestra as well as with his own trio. He is also the co-creator and composer of Fringe hit “SARSical” which was remounted at the Factory Theatre in Toronto, winning him a Dora Award.

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