Roger Clown began performing at age nine.  Since then he has entertained literally millions of people around the planet in all sorts of venues, live and electronic, private and public.

To listen to Mr. Clown’s music is to come away from today’s chaos and madness… away to the first half of the 1900s when pop music had a lovely melody.  When lyrics made sense.

 “… carries the show by a magnetic and immediately endearing quality” – The Montreal Gazette

“… winning spontaneous applause for his vocal range and virtuoso whistling” – THE Magazine, Toronto


2 Responses to “ROGER CLOWN”

  1. roger clown Says:

    hey… who is dis guy?! he looks kinda normal… but dat moniker…


    ex oh

    ps… what a gang of goodlookin guys n gals !

  2. serafin Says:

    ‘this guy’ has performed for the Queen, dontcha know!

    and i am soooo telling her you made fun of his name… she’ll be royally ticked off…

    ha. royally. get it? see i used a colloquialism that related to her position as well as her mood.

    oh nevermind.

    ps roger clown sings best and whistles better!

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